Fourth generation database designer and code-generator for educational purposes and speeding-up database designing and creating work.
DEREditor is developed from scratch over Java 1.4.2, using Netbeans 3.6 IDE and using JGraph library.
With this application you can design your own database, using all symbols from Database Theory, not SQL symbols or alike.
This design is data-oriented: you will always enter information, and DEREditor construct the model and the symbols accordingly for you.
You can apply format and color to all symbols in the diagram, move them, resize them, change its properties...
The second feature is that DEREditor generates database code in the background while you are designing. This code generation can be in different languages: two for educational purposes, one generates SQL general code and the last one generates MySQL full compatible code.
The SQL and MySQL code can be edited/copy/pasted in queries, execute them, and the results will be exactly like your design.
Also, DEREditor have a design checker, that can detect the most common errors, and give you some solutions.
DEREditor have a limitless undo feature for the insert/delete/format operations.
Of course, you can import/export all the data, save the diagram in their own file format, export the diagram to JPG, print the diagram, add borders and title, and much more...

No more time spending on designing the database in a precarious manner!!!
No more hours on writing clauses!!!

DEREditor is the solution for your designing problems!!


Bugfixing release of DEREditor


Horizon Release - Version
  • Fixed sintaxys errors in MySQL output (Duplicate PRIMARY KEY, incorrect REFERENCES)
  • Fixed jpeg corruption when exporting.
  • Left and bottom margins increased in 20 pixels.

First Development Update of DEREditor


Horizon Release - Version 1.1.20050413
  • Added Annotation symbol. Now you can post notes and titles on your diagrams!!
  • Added MySQL generator module. Full 100% compatible and correct code to execute instantly.
  • Added lenght (anchura) to the diagram attributes. You can specify a max size for all your attributes. Compatible for char, integer and all user domains.
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